We have have a lot of discussion on this site about how medical transcriptionists can take the skill set they have and build on it to create new opportunities. I love those discussions because it prompts us to reach beyond the things we normally consider and find new ways to create opportunities.

One way to do that is to consider coding. Today I wanted to share with you that Coding for Healthcare Professionals has a newly credentialed coder, one who has just finished the program! It’s very exciting to have watched this medical transcriptionist step out and take the risk of moving into something new in her career. You can read her interview on the website and hear her story of why she made the change and her experience in taking a coding program. We are quite proud of what she has accomplished!

Another area, of course, that an MT can consider is education. As i did a student question and answer session this week, one of the questions posed to me was why I became a teacher instead of continuing to transcribe. It was great to share with these students that the base knowledge they have will open many different opportunities for them if they really apply themselves in a good education. It was also a great personal reminder that I have always loved to teach and I am grateful that the opportunity presented itself for me in my own career.

I have noticed that more than one MT lately has joined the ranks of published author. And interestingly, neither of them wrote books about the healthcare industry. I loved seeing that because the writer in me always celebrates someone publishing a book. I remember the excitement of getting my first book in the mail and just seeing that my name was on it, it had a real live ISBN number, and that dream had become a reality.

The great thing about this profession is that there are so many options available to medical transcriptionists. It is something I have always appreciated and loved about what we do.

How about you? What alternate things are you exploring for your own life? I’d love to hear about it.