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This week, medical transcriptionists celebrate their profession. The them for the week is “Guardians of the Healthcare Record.” This special week was signed into being by a proclamation by then President Ronald Reagan in 1985. It’s a time for us to really celebrate all that we do and contribute.

As I think back over the years that we have celebrated this week, it’s hard not to think about the challenges of the profession. In 1985, many of us were working on typewriters, making manual corrections to our reports. Flash forward to today, and many are working in electronic health records, most of us are using speech recognition technology, and many have found that they were best served by taking their skill set and moving into an entirely different arena in the industry. So many changes!

There’s no question that one of the greatest changes we are facing now is the electronic health record. It is changing the shape of the industry and healthcare documentation. It is something I strongly believe every person in this industry should learn about. I also believe it can create some awesome opportunities for those who become students of the industry and really learn about it.

In celebration of MT Week, I am offering the Electronic Health Record course at a significant discount. As we celebrate 30 years of MT week, let’s use that number. From now through Friday, May 23, this course will be on sale for only $30! It is my gift to those who want to learn more. This course has been preapproved for 10 CECs from AHDI as follows: 5 Technology and the Workplace, 3 Professional Development, and 2 Medicolegal. This will be the last time this course is offered at this price. For those who find themselves needing to get CEC credits, here’s a great way to get several at a very affordable price. Why not make this your gift to yourself and sign up today?!