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It’s no surprise to any of us, as MTs, that our world and our profession is changing all the time. Every day, we have new medications, new procedures, new technologies, and sometimes I think we just sit back and say what next?! Where do I fit in all of these changes? Thinking on that makes me think about alternative career paths for MTs.

We’ve always said, well, you can start out as a medical transcriptionist. After awhile, you could go into quality assurance, become a speech recognition editor, maybe go into management if that’s what interests you. But what else? Think about the skill set that you have as a medical transcriptionist. In what other areas could you take those same skills and use them?

For some MTs, they choose to go into education. I did that for awhile. Well, actually I am still doing that, by offering the courses we offer and will soon have a compliance course for healthcare documentation as it relates to HIPAA and the HITECH Act. Many medical transcriptionists choose to teach the next generation of our profession. I think that’s one awesome area to be involved with because you get to watch someone learn and grow.

Others will choose to become business owners. Tired of working for someone else, you will branch out to working for yourself and finding your own clients. Lest you think this one is easy, think again! For ten years, I ran my own business and I think I slept less during that time than any other time in my life. If that’s your thing, then be sure you have the business skills to do this one as it takes more than just being a good MT!

Some medical transcriptionists have become authors and published books. There is always a need for a good writer in our industry. If this one interests you, maybe you start with a blog about medical transcription and see where it goes!

I know another MT who operates several websites. She’s taken the technology knowledge she has and turned that into an alternative way to make money. I’m in the process of exploring that avenue even more as I learn about the world of blogging and the big “make money online” groups that are out there. This one isn’t an overnight success story, but it’s a possibility with the right skill set.

Now think about how our industry is changing. Compliance has become front and center and is a major force in the arena of healthcare documentation. Do you have some special knowledge there? How could you use that to create a new and exciting role for yourself?

What have I missed here? What are some alternative paths that you have either tried or considered? I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. – I will be doing a webinar this week for the Online Chapter of AHDI on Using Social Media to Advance Your Career. I hope you will join us!

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