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Continuing education is something we all need as medical transcriptionists. The world of medicine changes every single day, and these days it seems to be changing with lightning speed. It’s a challenge just to keep up with it sometimes.

Perhaps the biggest challenge we are facing right now in our profession, and indeed in the healthcare industry as a whole, is the move to the electronic health record. I think that the uncertainty of the future and where things will end up has the potential to cause much concern in our industry, and we see that every single day. I also believe one of the ways to combat that concern is to be prepared as best we can. For me, I believe a big part of that “being prepared” lies in educating ourselves about the technologies and the changes.

Not too long ago, I wrote to tell you about the new venture of the EHR Training Academy, which is being developed to offer education in the new workforce roles identified by the ONC related to the electronic health record. Through that site, we’ll offer all of that training for those who are interested in it. The goal is to have each workforce program fully ready by the first part of September.

Today, I wanted to share the exciting news with you that about half of this program is completed and ready for enrollment for individual courses. Why does that matter to MTs? It’s a great opportunity to further your education. We’ve set up the courses so that you can take one course at a time, making it easy and affordable, and allowing you the opportunity to pick and choose what subjects really interest you.

The programs that we are releasing today equal a total of 89 different courses, and offer a total of 298 pre-approved continuing education credits for those who need to earn credits toward your credential! There’s something in every category, including one course so far with clinical medicine credits.

Now I know that hearing there are that many courses can indeed seem a bit overwhelming! Where to even start? Here’s my suggestion: Browse each component’s list of course descriptions and objectives and see what kind of things spark your interest. Browse the EHR Training Academy site and see what kind of opportunities are coming, what things you might be interested in, and select your courses from there. While you’re there, take a look at the page that talks about the job outlook in these areas. Each course also lists how many credits are approved for that course. Then move ahead, be bold, and find ways to educate yourself and prepare for this new future. We talk so much about how “it’s coming,” and the reality is that it’s here!

Component Outlines

Introduction to Health Care and Public Health in the US Component 1

The Culture of Health Care Component 2

Introduction to Information and Computer Science Component 4

Health Management Information Systems Component 6

Fundamentals of Health Workflow Process Analysis Component 10

Quality Improvement Component 12

Professionalism and Customer Service in Health Environment Component 16

Introduction to Project Management Component 19


Dialogue is Important!

Today’s post on the MT Inner Circle talks about some of the recent changes that are happening in the medical transcription industry that I believe all relate to the electronic health record and how it’s changing the face of our industry. I urge you to join us there for that discussion as well. It’s only by having discussions about our future that we can truly prepare. The folks here aren’t afraid to explore things boldly and I look forward to doing that with you!

I hope you’ll also take an opportunity to use the share bar on the left here to share this information with others you know.

So what’s your take? Are you planning to add to your knowledge by learning more about some of these topics?

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