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On day 18, the thing I’m grateful for today are sales. I love a good sale. This time of year, you can find almost anything on sale.

In my town today, we have a holiday bazaar put on by the women’s business group I belong to. It’s an annual event and should be a fun thing to attend. There will be all kinds of sales there and it’s a great place to get some of the Christmas gifts people have on their lists.

The past few months, I’ve started really using coupons. They help cut the grocery bills, and we’ve managed to save a great deal of money that way. I wasn’t sure I had the patience to mess with it, but I have to say I love finding a sale, then finding a coupon, and counting up the savings at the end of the trip to the store. If I’m really lucky, I even get my husband to go and sort coupons for me as we shop, but that’s a rarity. He really doesn’t want to spend time in grocery stores, especially since he works in one.

This week, of course, all over, we will see Black Friday sales and then we’ll see Cyber Monday sales. The ads have been online for weeks and I imagine some of you even have your shopping lists made. I do have to say I don’t really like that they now start these sales on Thanksgiving, however, people show up in droves so I guess it works. There was a time when I was always out on Black Friday, hitting the stores when they opened and seeking out that really great deal. This year, I have two things I want from those sales. I’ve planned ahead and hopefully we’ll snag the two deals we’re looking for.

As I thought this week about how nice it is to find deals this time of year, I thought we should have a Black Friday sale here as well. So, if you click on the button above, you can see the great prices we have starting today through next Monday. If you’ve been thinking about credentialing, thinking about that EHR course, or even for those who have asked about the Clinical Documentation Specialist program, you’ll find it on the Black Friday Sale page above. I hope to see some of you in these upcoming courses. It’s a great opportunity to snag a deal for your education.

So today, I’ll be doing the holiday bazaar and being very grateful for sales! Have a great Sunday.

How about you? What are you thankful for today?

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