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Yes, you read that heading right. It’s one of those weeks when I just find I need to do two days at once. Fortunately, I know this community will get that.

Today I’m first thankful for the group of MTs who have taken the jump to learning coding and have signed up for the program I do online. I love working with them and it’s fun to watch them grow and learn. I’m an educator at heart and it always makes me happy to see someone learning something new. They are an awesome group who are really making strides. I can’t wait to se4e what their new future looks like.

The second thing I’m thankful for is that my house now has an official guest room again. We really haven’t had that since we moved back to the States because we always had someone living with us. Now it’s just me, the husband, and Turbo the wonder dog. The daybed got set up last night and now I get to plan what that room looks like. I’m pretty excited to have it back and am looking forward to making it pretty. Now, you guys get it–I have space, anyone want to come to Colorado for a visit? :)

So now it’s your turn. What is on your gratitude list today? I am looking forward to some great answers!

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