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Yesterday our country was shocked with the news of the shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut. What tragedy to hear that small children had lost their lives at the hand of someone who decided to walk into a school and open fire on children. Sadly, it’s likely we’ll never know what caused it.

Because I work in an office now, I didn’t hear the news like many of you did. I had made a call to a customer and she said “Did you see the news about the shooting?” That’s how I learned that we had once again experienced a school shooting in our country, one that is even worse that the Columbine tragedy that happened in my state several years ago. It is an incredibly sad event and my heart goes out to the families of those children and school workers who are now faced with burying loved ones.

In the midst of tragedies, we often find heroes. I believe that’s what we saw with the teacher who took the small children of her classroom into a bathroom and simply sat with them and talked with them. I loved watching her interview about how she was sure to tell each of them they were loved and special. In her eyes, she believed they would likely die and wanted that to be the last thing those children heard. If I had children, I’d want a teacher like that for my kids.

As I drove home yesterday, I was thinking about this and about my own family. My niece lives right across the street from the elementary school where her children attend. Later last night, I was talking to her and asked: If that happened, God forbid, at your school, would you be able to stay out of the school until the police got things under control, or would you try to go rushing into the school to get the kids? Her answer was the one I expected; she would go for her babies. And as much as that would frighten me for her own safety, I get that.

Clearly, this topic really has nothing to do with medical transcription; it’s an event in our country, one that saddens me greatly. As I think about my own loss that I’m working through in this holiday season, this almost pales in comparison to thinking about babies not being home with their parents for the holidays. My grandmother was 97, almost 98, when she died. She had lived a full, eventful, and fruitful life; she had touched lots of people. These children weren’t even started yet. And so this morning, my heart is sad and I ask this community to stop and say a prayer for those families. And while you’re doing that, stop and hug your own children and be very thankful that today they are safe.

Coincidentally, yesterday I saw one of my very favorite authors on television, Mitch Albom. He has a new book titled The Time Keeper, which is said to be a reminder of how we have limited time in our lives and none of us really knows how much time that is. I plan to spend the day today reading that book and then spend time with the kids in my family doing some holiday baking. I hope you will stop and give that some thought as well.

Thanks for listening today.

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