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Happy Anniversary

It’s hard for me to believe that just three short years ago, this community was started and yet here we are! In three years, we’ve had a total of 473 posts, and I believe we’ve tackled lots of things in our industry. As the community has grown, we all have as well. We’ve shared, supported each other, and hopefully learned from each other as well.

Our industry has sure changed in the last three years. The changes we face are rapid and nonstop. It’s hard to imagine talking to a medical transcriptionist today who isn’t impacted by the advances in technology in the healthcare industry. I can remember days in the past where we thought those things were just a distant dream of something that might or might not happen in our lifetime and yet here we are.

One of my desires for this site has always been to provide ways for healthcare documentation professionals to stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry and find avenues to do what we need to do to be sure we are educated in the changes and can remain relevant in the industry. Whether it’s by providing information, offering education, or simply pointing people in the right direction for something, it’s about being sure that you all know you have options. Sometimes it’s so easy to forget that there is value to the knowledge and skills we have. It is my hope that I have continued to remind each of you of that important fact through the last three years.

Another thing I believe we’ve done that is amazing here is create an online community of folks who love to have discussions about our industry, don’t always agree on those topics, and yet always do it with respect toward each other. That’s often hard to find in today’s online world, and I thank you for your participation and for doing it with style.

As I looked for some way to celebrate this three-year mark and at the same time find a way to say thanks to all of you, here’s what we’ll be doing. There is a new Introduction to the Electronic Health Record course starting on February 4. It’s no secret to readers here that I believe the information in that course is very important for us to have and understand. I also believe it will challenge you about opportunities you maybe haven’t even thought about. As a special thanks, I am going to put this on sale today for a price I hope everyone can afford, only $40! Normally a $100 course, this is simply my way of saying thanks to a great community of followers here on this site and giving back a bit. I hope you will sign up! This course will only be on sale through January 30 so don’t put off registering! You must do your registration through the link below to get this special deal. Once registered, you will receive your sign in information a couple of days before the program starts. let’s start the year off learning together!

Thank you for all you have done to be a part of things. Now let’s get this year going! Please also take a minute to share this post with your friends and ask them to join you. It would be awesome to have one big class in February! See you there!

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