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We’re always talking about how we can be advocates, for ourselves, for the profession, for the patients we serve in health care. I think it’s something our industry has struggled with, trying to find just the right audience to hear our voices. Today I wanted to share a few things with you related to advocacy that’s happening around us, in health care and in our own profession.

Health IT Stories

This is an amazing site full of information for the public about their healthcare records. I love that the front page of the Health IT Stories features a friend to medical transcriptionists, Regina Holliday. You will remember Regina is the creator of The Walking Gallery, where people wear the healthcare stories on the back of a business jacket. She is an awesome advocate and it’s great to see her story highlighted on this site.

Advocacy in Social Media

Speaking of Regina Holliday, she has been nominated for a Shorty Award. What’s a Shorty Award? I think of it kind of like the Academy Awards for social media. Regina was nominated in the category of activism for all she does. If you have a twitter account, it would be great if you cast a vote for her to show support for all the work she does. You can read her interview and cast your vote on the Shorty Awards page.

Your Record Speaks

Your Record Speaks is a new website published by AHDI. It provides a lot of great information about the importance of accuracy in our healthcare records. I encourage you to take a look around.

National MT Week

You will recall some time back we did a great project here that we titled “Identifying Errors, Saving Patients.” It showed the kind of errors that medical transcriptionists fix or flag every single day. So many of you contributed to that report and it has been an amazing document to share, not only here on the blog but it’s been sent to several people in Congress as well as to the Institute of Medicine to share with their committees on health IT safety. Now you have an opportunity to do something similar for National MT Week, in a project that AHDI has begun. Take a minute to read Be the Face of National MT Week and see if you can’t share your story.

What Action Will You Take?

These are just a few examples of the advocacy that I have seen this last week in health care and in our industry. What other things are you seeing that are working to make a difference? I’d love to hear about them!

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