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MT Week 2013

Happy MT Week to everyone! It’s that time of year when we celebrate who we are as medical transcriptionists and healthcare documentation specialists, as well as what we do!

This week’s theme from AHDI focuses around those who do the documentation being the guardians of the health record integrity. As you know from being in this profession as well as from the study we did a couple of years ago, we do a lot to protect the information in the healthcare record. Whether it’s flagging things for physicians to correct or making corrections to those bloopers that come from speech recognition technology, it is because we exist that those things are caught.

As technology changes how the healthcare record is created, it’s even more important to be speaking out about the importance of someone doing the quality assurance on what’s in those records. I’ve had a couple of experiences recently with the electronic health record and it is so important. In one example, I must admit I was amused. My husband saw a physician in an urgent care clinic because he hurt his back. When the doctor was ready to prescribe the muscle relaxant for him, we learned he had to pick something different because “it’s not on the list in our system.” So now we have computers dictating to physicians what they can prescribe for their patients. The next week I mentioned this to our family doctor. He’s a wonderful man who is pretty frustrated with the mandate of the EHR. He laughed with me when we talked about a physician who couldn’t just pick up a prescription pad and write a prescription instead of insisting that he had to use the electronic system. Oh yes, and he fixed the prescription so we had the one that we knew worked.

If you haven’t seen the “Your Record Speaks” poster, you can get a copy here. Print it, put it up where you work, and celebrate the week with pride. It’s a great way to educate others that what’s in their healthcare record does indeed matter.

Your Record Speaks

You can also get a copy of the MT Week Poster!

Now, it’s YOUR week! What will you do to celebrate it?

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