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Email List Validation

Get Your Email List Validated to Get Optimum Results from Every Email Marketing Campaign


Go Through Our Extensive Documentation to have Solution for all the Basic issues for the First Time Users.

Support Team

Our Support Team will be available all the time. We respond back to every query with in a couple hours.


Here are the List of FAQ’s Most of the times your problems and queries will be covered in this section.

Call Center

You can Call us on Our mentioned Number at any time on all working days.

Reseller Options

Contact Us Through Email or Telephone Our representative will give more info on all Reseller Options.


If you require Customised Plans for your Business or Enterprise other than the mentioned Plans, Feel free to contact Us.


Send Us an Email: support@mttoolsonline.com for all general queries.

Frequently asked questions

Complete Details and Basic Queries about this Service for New Users

Is StartIT responsive and retina ready?

With Admin Panel (reseller-panel) you can see all the create customers and update their personal details and you can provide the restriction to them.

Such as if you want to create 4 customers and assign them emails (e.g. 10k, or 100k emails for particular time i.e. 1 day or 1 Month) so that they can use your system for sending emails, and for that, you will need to login into the admin panel.

Only you will have the access of the admin panel, and from the admin panel, you can control other customers activity and set the limitation like what they can see /create/update/delete and how many emails they can send per hour/day/week/month/year etc.

With customer panel, your customer or you can log in and send emails. You can create customers account with or without email sending limitation.

Once any customer login to into customer panel with their user credentials (which you have created from admin panel), they can perform many tasks such as they can create the contact lists, upload their contacts via import, they can create email templates and send emails campaign and check the statistics etc.

You can create one customer account for your self for sending emails without any restriction for sending emails for yourself.

Does StartIT have Visual Composer?

Sender Policy Framework or SPF is an open standard that specifies a method for preventing sender address forgery, according to openspf.org.
SPF enables you to identify your domain’s legitimate mail sources and prevents unauthorized sources from sending illicit emails from your domain.

DKIM, or DomainKeys Identified Mail, is a TXT record published in your Domain Name System (DNS). DKIM provides a method for validating a domain name identity that is associated with a message through cryptographic authentication, according to dkim.org.
In other words, DKIM uses keys to make sure an email sender is who they say they are.

DMARC, or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, help senders and receivers work together to create more secure email communications.
DMARC enables the message sender to indicate that their messages are protected with SPF and/or DKIM. A DMARC policy applies clear instructions for the message receiver to follow if an email does not pass SPF or DKIM authentication—for instance, reject or junk it. Also, DMARC sends a report back to the sender about messages that PASS and/or FAIL DMARC evaluation.

Is StartIT easy to use?

After the set up you will be the owner of the server/application and will get the admin account(if requested).

You can create different-different users/customers and assign them email credits and charge to your customer based on the number of emails per day/month/year. You can share your server with others as well.
You will be email marketing service provider in a way after the setup.

Can I use WooCommerce to sell stuff with StartIT?

Warming an IP address is the process that is used to build a good reputation for your IP address.

The process involves sending regular but small email campaigns over a period and gradually increasing the volume of emails as ISPs begin to form a positive reputation for your IP address.

With new server set up your IP reputation comes in the neutral state and in order to get good email delivery, you need to follow the IP warm up the process.

If I have a question, will StartIT’s support answer quickly?

It is the best practice to provide unsubscribe link in your emails so that your recipient can unsubscribe them self if they do not want to receive any emails from your side.

You can provide Unsubscribe tag in the email body so that your recipient can easily opt-out if they want.

The system will automatically mark them as unsubscribe users and they will not receive any email from your side anymore.

Can I change the colors and font on StartIT?

You can use the following tags in your email or in your subject line.

Hello [FNAME] [LNAME],


If there is a first name populated in the data, then it will appear as:

Hello David Smith,

You can open and edit these tags in your lists custom tags if required.

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